Debut      One of L.A. Weekly’s “Most Fascinating People of 2013” and PEN Center USA Emerging Voices Fellow Natashia Deon’s SWEET TEA AND HONEY, following the daughter of a murdered runaway slave through 25 years of sweeping changes in the Antebellum South—and narrated from the point of view of the deceased mother, who cannot let go of the living, to Counterpoint, by Rachel Sussman at Chalberg & Sussman.

Nathan Hill’s THE NIX, centering on a son and the mother who left him twenty years before, as he uncovers her story and relearns his own, taking the reader through World War II Norway, the Chicago Riots of 1968, a 1980s suburban teenage love triangle, the Gulf War, Occupy Wall Street, and the multi-player online world of “Elfquest”, to Knopf, by Emily Forland at Brandt & Hochman.

Inspirational         Beth White’s MAJOR JERNIGAN’S MISSION, five years after the final shot in the Civil War is fired, the three Daughtry sisters are forced to hand over the family plantation to the Mobile & Ohio Railroad, but a retired Union General steps in to assist them, falling in love with one of the sisters as he does so, to Revell, by Chip MacGregor at MacGregor Literary.

Mindy Starns Clark and Emily Clark’s AN AMISH CHRISTMAS, to WaterBrook Multnomah, by Chip MacGregor at MacGregor Literary.

Sci-Fi/Fantasy          Alex White’s EVERY MOUNTAIN MADE LOW, about an autistic girl from the poorest depths of a subterranean factory city who must communicate with dangerous spirits to avenge the murder of her only friend, to Solaris, by Connor Goldsmith at Fuse Literary.

Thriller        Andrew Buckley writing under a yet unnamed pseudonym’s DOUBLE-O, a serialized spy adventure, specifically the story of James Bond’s daughter, to Curiosity Quills Press, by Mark Gottlieb at Trident Media Group

Children’s: Middle grade         Vicki Cobb’s CHEMICALLY ACTIVE, in which the principles of chemistry are clearly explained and illustrated including what bubbles in soda pop are and how we collect and identify the gas that creates them, what is electroplating and how to make a galvanometer, now to test materials for the presence of sugar, starch or vitamin C and at the same time learn the chemical principles behind these processes, all to help kids discover that chemistry isn’t just a science, it’s an adventure, to Inquisicorp, by Susan Schulman at Susan Schulman Literary Agency

Author of the Joshua Dread series, Lee Bacon’s LEGENDTOPIA, an action-packed and humorous series about a 12-year-old, who, while visiting the cheesy fantasy-themed restaurant Legendtopia, stumbles through a magic door in a walk-in refrigerator to another kingdom, meeting a young, bored prince and an evil sorceress, who follows them back to her town, and the chaos that ensues when dark magic comes to suburbia, Legendtopia becomes a real fortress, and they must overcome spells, ogres and a dragon to save the world, to Delacorte, by Sarah Burnes of The Gernert Company

Children’s: Young Adult         Renee Collins’s UNTIL WE MEET AGAIN, pitched as a YA SOMEWHERE IN TIME, in which a headstrong, seventeen-year-old girl, stuck in a snooty Massachusetts shore town for the summer, meets a dreamy stranger on a private beach who claims that the year is 1925 and sweeps them both into a mystery a hundred years in the making, to Sourcebooks, at auction, by Mollie Glick at Foundry Literary + Media

Blogger and freelance copywriter Kathy Parks’s THE LIFEBOAT CLIQUE, pitched as MEAN GIRLS meets LIFE OF PI, to Katherine Tegen Books, by Mollie Glick at Foundry Literary + Media

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