Storyboard, Notebooks, or Software Program? Building Your Book

I know. Your whole book idea is in your head. “I’ve got it all up here” you say.

the book is in my headThis is not a good place for your book.

Writing a book is an organic process. You start with what you know, with what you think your idea is. But along the way as you write and test out your ideas, they change and morph, and it is in the process of actually writing it that you usually FIND the book you set out to write.

There are a number of tools writers use to keep track of the ideas, changes, plans, research, background reading, notes, pieces of dialogue, parts of scenes, flashes of things that occur in the writer’s dreams or daydreams, the eavesdropping in coffee shops or something you heard on the radio.

Lisa Catherine Harper writes about Using the Writer’s Notebook:

Stack of Notebooks

She says: “Notebooks illuminate the mysterious correspondence between a writer’s particular vision of the world and their narrative art. Gordimer writes of fictional character, ‘Imagined: Yes. Taken from life: yes.’ Notebooks help reveal how this looting of life transpires. All my students have found the practice and study of notebooks revelatory. And because many of them begin notebooks as journals, and aren’t sure how to get started, or why, below follows the more useful advice developed in seminar, inspired by our reading list and the students’ own ideas about how notebooks work best for them.”

storyboard ideaYou can also use Online storyboards or use your wall to create one using large index cards and pins that move around. I am a visual, hands-on person so I need to pin ideas on cards and move them around, stand back, think, walk, come back, move them again.That’s how my ideas build. You have to find what works best for you.

sample storyboard





Watch this you Tube video on storyboarding for making videos — it applies to drafting a novel or book trailer as well.

 If you have found something helpful to share with other writers, tell us!  Here’s to building your book smartly!



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