What the Editors Bought Recently: Nonfiction

Here are some book proposals that got editors to jump, make an offer, buy, and put into their production schedules:


 Kim John Payne’s THE COMPASSIONATE RESPONSE, a powerful meditative method for changing the negative ways we communicate with and react to the important people in our lives — our children, colleagues, partners, friends, and other family members; showing us how to shift negative emotional habits into new ways of working with social tension, differences and other conflicts, to Jonathan Green at Shambhala, by Carol Mann at the Carol Mann Agency.

 Sam Horn’s ARE YOU INTRIGUING? a guide from an intrigue expert teaches how to capture and hold attention, be memorable and be intriguing, to Steven Piersanti at Berrett-Koehler for publication on 3/2/2015.

 World class ultra endurance athlete, public speaker and high school English teacher Travis Macy’s THE ULTRA MINDSET, in which the record holding winner of the Leadman, a combination trail running marathon and 100-mile mountain bike race set at over 10,000 feet in the Rocky Mountains, boils down the principles of an elite adventure athlete and offers them to anyone looking for an edge in their own athletic, professional, or personal life, to Dan Ambrosio at Da Capo, for publication in Spring 2015, by Daniel Greenberg at Levine Greenberg Literary Agency.coaching

 Oprah Winfrey’s WHAT I KNOW FOR SURE, a collection of the monthly essays she has written for O, the Oprah Magazine over the past 14 years, organized around themes including joy, gratitude and possibility, with a new introduction, to Flatiron Books, for publication September 2, 2014.

 Dr. George Everly, Jr., Ph.D, Douglas Strouse, Ph.D, and Dennis McCormack, Ph.D’s THE RESILIENCY ADVANTAGE: Secrets of Mastering Adversity from the Original Navy Seals and Other Extraordinary People, a self-empowerment book authored by three doctors whose lives, while taking three very different paths, converged in an insatiable quest to learn what makes remarkable success possible amidst extraordinary adversity, to Ellen Kadin of Amacom for publication in 2015, by Leticia Gomez of Savvy Literary Services in association with Ascendant Group.

 Psychoanalyst and author Stephen Grosz’s THE SEVEN OBSTACLES TO LOVE: And Other Stories, about the most compelling, bedeviling question at the center of every life: how do we find and keep love, to Susan Kamil at Random House, by Melanie Jackson.


 Wealth management expert and president and CEO of Trilogy Financial Services Jeff Motske’s WE NEED TO TALK, based on the author’s War of the Wallets financial compatibility quiz, offering a guide for couples to remain financially fit, avoid the common fights regarding spending and saving, and build a happy, financially secure future, to Dan Ambrosio at Da Capo, for publication in Spring 2015, by Kirsten Neuhaus at Foundry Literary + Media.

 Milo and Thuy Sindell’s THE MIDDLE PATH OF LEADERSHIP: Discovering the Latent Strengths That Drive True Performance, a fresh take on how to uncover new hidden strengths in every leader, to Neal Maillet at Berrett-Koehler, by Kimberley Cameron at Kimberley Cameron & Associates.

 John Sviokla and Mitch Cohen’s THE BILLIONAIRE EFFECT, a systematic study through PricewaterhouseCoopers of self-made billionaires that provides fresh insight into the key personality traits and practices of massive wealth creators, an actionable plan for developing their habits, and a look at how these “producers” work strategically with the more common “performer” personality to generate enormous wealth, to to Emily Angell at Portfolio, by Jacqueline Murphy at Inkwell Management.

 Neuropsychologist Theo Tsaousides’s READY, SET, GOAL, a practical guide to overcoming the mental blocks that get in the way of achieving success, to Marian Lizzi at Perigee, with Jeanette Shaw editing, by Jeff Herman at the Jeff Herman Agency .

 Director of Search at BIng/Microsoft, Stefan Weitz’s SEARCH: HOW THE DATA EXPLOSION GOVERNS WHAT WE THINK AND DO, a trade business title and the first in the Insight Labs Library that explores the origins of search in the digital age and how this tool has evolved through customer demands, business constraints, and the sheer volume of data being collected — with predictions on where search will take us next, to Erika Heilman at Bibliomotion, for publication in November 2014.

 Founder of the Women’s Institute of Negotiation (W.I.N.) Yasmin Davidds, PsyD, with Ann Bidou’s OWN YOUR GAME, teaching women how they can negotiate with power and grace to get what they deserve, in and out of the office, to Ellen Kadin at Amacom, by Linda Konner at Linda Konner Literary Agency.


 Alan Trabue’s A LIFE OF LIES AND SPIES: Tales of a CIA Covert Ops Polygraph Interrogator, about the author’s 38-year career testing foreign agents in 40 countries, including five years directing the CIA’s world-wide covert ops polygraph program, revealing the CIA’s use of polygraph and interrogation to validate recruited spies’ bona fides and information obtained through their acts of espionage, to Rob Kirkpatrick at Thomas Dunne Books, by Greg Aunapu at The Salkind Agency.

 Former U.S. Congressman and mental health advocate Patrick J. Kennedy, co-written with award-winning journalist Stephen Fried’s A COMMON STRUGGLE: A Very Personal Journey Through the Past and Future of Mental Illness and Addiction, about his personal and political struggle with mental illness and addiction, including the real drama of passing the 2008 parity act amid his father Senator Edward Kennedy’s cancer, the collapse of the economy, and Obama’s victory, to David Rosenthal at Blue Rider Press, to be published in late 2015, by David Black of the David Black Literary Agency.

 Photographer, activist, and TED speaker iO Tillett Wright’s DARLING DAYS, the story of her coming of age in New York’s Lower East Side in the Eighties and Nineties – a place and time captured in the photographs of her godmother Nan Goldin — and an odyssey of identity, from living as a boy from the age of six to fourteen, to breaking free from her fiercely protective yet wildly negligent mother, and beyond, to Daniel Halpern at Ecco, by Bill Clegg at William Morris Endeavor.

 Head football coach of the Baylor Bears Art Briles with Don Yaeger’s BEATING GOLIATH, about the hottest and most creative coaches in the sport, to Marc Resnick at St. Martin’s, by Ian Kleinert at Objective Entertainment.

 ABC News anchor Elizabeth Vargas’s memoir, a no-holds-barred account of growing up with crippling anxiety and of turning to alcohol for relief, describing “the burden and the loneliness of the secret drinker,” with personal stories of her despair, her time in rehab, and, ultimately, her recovery process, to Gretchen Young at Grand Central, for publication in spring 2016, by CAA.

 13-time Grammy winning singer-songwriter Emmylou Harris’s memoirs, with the publisher calling here “life and music a fundamental part of American culture,” to David Rosenthal at Blue Rider Press, with Sarah Hochman editing, for publication in fall 2015, by Ken Levitan of Vector Management.

 Manal Al-Sharif’s DARING TO DRIVE: Growing Up Female in A Men-Only Kingdom, A Memoir of Saudi Arabia, about growing-up female in Saudi Arabia, describing how even the smallest aspects of everyday life are influenced by the country’s male guardianship system by one of the leaders of the movement to allow women to drive in the kingdom who was awarded the first Vaclav Havel Prize for Creative Dissent and named one of Time magazine’s 100 Most Influential People in the World; it covers her arrest and imprisonment for driving as well as hitherto unknown details of her coming of age and her assessment of the kingdom’s future, to Priscilla Painton at Simon & Schuster, for publication in Fall 2015, by Peter Bernstein and Amy Bernstein at Bernstein Literary Agency.

 Author of A Thread of Sky Deanna Fei’s GIRL IN GLASS, about the mother-child bond at its most elemental, about her daughter born four months prematurely and the national controversy that erupted when her husband’s employer publicly blamed the cost of “distressed babies” for a cut in employee benefits, to Nancy Miller at Bloomsbury, by Lisa Bankoff at ICM.

 Former Vogue Editor, founder of OrphanAid Africa, and winner of 2012’s Clarins Most Dynamic Woman Prize Lisa Lovatt-Smith’s SOMEBODY’S CHILD, detailing her rise from poverty to the upper echelons of European fashion, her fateful trip to Ghana on a volunteer vacation with her adopted daughter, and her subsequent decision to give up her fabulous lifestyle to remain in Ghana and fight to reform a corrupt orphanage and care system, to Amanda Murray at Weinstein Books, for publication in October 2014, by Elizabeth Evans at the Jean V. Naggar Literary Agency.


Blaire Briody’s THE NEW WILD WEST: Black Gold, Fracking, and Life in a North Dakota Boomtown, a narrative account of a once-quiet Midwestern town which has suddenly become the new frontier of U.S. energy independence, told through the experiences of the families that have lived there for generations and the migrant laborers desperate to make a living, to Hannah Braaten at St. Martin’s, by Laura Yorke at Carol Mann Agency.

 NYT reporter Nathaniel Popper’s MAKING MONEY: Bitcoin and the Digital Gold Rush, a narrative account of the rise of the controversial digital currency, featuring an international cast of characters and their complicated relationships with Wall Street, Silicon Valley, and governments and prosecutors around the world, to Tim Duggan at Harper, by Andrew Wylie at The Wylie Agency.

 Michelle Kuo’s READING WITH PATRICK, about her years with Teach for America in the Mississippi Delta and the special bond she formed through books with one of her most promising students who would be arrested for murder not long after Michelle left the Delta to attend Harvard Law School; Michelle eventually returned to the Delta for more than half a year to visit Patrick in county jail almost daily to continue to read books and poetry together, an experience that would point both toward their futures, to David Ebershoff at Random House, by Sam Stoloff of the Frances Goldin Literary Agency (NA).



Family therapist and author of Pills Are Not For Preschoolers Marilyn Wedge’s expose of the ADHD epidemic in the United States — through the lenses of the DSM, the psychiatric community, the education system and other countries — for a full picture of what this diagnosis means in a larger context, including tools for parents, based on her Psychology Today article “Why French Kids Don’t Have ADHD,” to Lauren Marino at Avery, by Susan Lee Cohen of Riverside Literary Agency.

 Psychotherapist, parent, and former stand-up comedian Sean Grover’s THE BULLIED PARENT, a guide that gives parents tools necessary for successful relationships — uniquely addressing the behavior of both child and parent(s), since bullying actually stems from the insecurities of both, to Ellen Kadin at Amacom, by Carol Mann at the Carol Mann Agency.


Brandon Stanton’s follow-up to his New York Times bestseller HUMANS OF NEW YORK, a collection of striking photographs and heartfelt, funny, and inspiring stories, to Yaniv Soha at St. Martin’s, for publication in Fall 2015, by Brian DeFiore of DeFiore and Company.

 Elijah Wald’s DARKNESS AT THE BREAK OF NOON: Bob Dylan at Newport, putting the moment Bob Dylan “went electric” at the 1965 Newport Folk Festival in a context significantly broader than a simple declaration of rock ‘n’ roll independence, explaining why that moment became instantly iconic and still has such resonance today, to Denise Oswald at Dey Street Books, by Sarah Lazin at Sarah Lazin Books.

 Shea Serrano’s THE HISTORY OF RAP, an in-depth look at the songs that have changed rap music over the last 35 years, to Samantha Weiner at Abrams Image, for publication in Fall 2015, by Marc Gerald at The Agency Group.


 Emma Mildon’s THE SOUL SEARCHER’S HANDBOOK, a modern day bohemian’s guide to spiritual and soulful living, to Anna Noak at Beyond Words, for publication in 2015, by Marilyn Allen on Allen O’Shea Literary Agency.

 Keith Miller’s SUBURBAN CHRISTIANITY: Finding Faithfulness Amidst NcMansions and Minivans, an Evangelical defense of suburban churches, to Randall Payleitner at Moody, in a nice deal, for publication in Spring 2015.

 President of American Atheists David Silverman’s untitled look at why public discourse about Atheism must remain vocal and aggressive, referencing his own personal experiences and that of other atheists, to Rob Kirkpatrick at Thomas Dunne Books, by Jane Dystel at Dystel & Goderich Literary Management.

 Be inspired!

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