5 Essential Mind-shifts for Getting Published

Logo ABC.TinyEntirely too many talented authors are coming to me worn out from unsuccessfully beating on the publishing house doors:    But why am I unpublished when I know I’m a good  writer and I have done the work?

I look at their manuscripts with the same question. I can see the writers are talented and have creative ideas. What’s going on?

I dig back into the history the authors have with agents and editors (before coming to me), and very often, this is what I discover:

The author hasn’t used any of the advice or suggestions made by editors or agents, but rather has continued sending the query and sample pages to new people–which is a “take it or leave it” approach. Authors who do not use the submission process as a learning and honing tool to ultimately make the book work for the publisher are playing the same odds as the Lottery.

There are FIVE ESSENTIAL MENTAL SHIFTS you can make to greatly improve the odds of being published. You will mentally and emotionally switch from:

      1. Talking to yourself on the page to talking to your reader.
      2. The exercise of spontaneous and  pure expression of thought and ideas to a structured presentation of ideas toward a calculated end.
      3. What you want to say or tell to how you need to say or tell it in order for readers to engage with you and understand your message.
      4. Being alone with your writing to being part of a team that will have a say in every aspect of its publication.
      5. Being a writer to being a writer, speaker, blogger, and marketing machine.

It’s a bit like becoming a parent:  Once you decide to have kids, it’s not just about YOU anymore. Once you decide it is your dream and mission to be published, it’s really not just about you anymore.

Face this square-on. Use the vast number of people and resources available to help you learn everything you need to know. I believe you will discover the joys of working with highly talented people who dedicate themselves to helping you succeed.

WHAT WOULD YOUR READER SAY?    A-women-reads-in-a-paris--Photograph Miguel MedinaAFPGetty Images